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Real Stories

Kristian - He was a 23yr old Drug addict who had been taking drugs since he was 15. When Kristian came to us he had drug induced psychosis and was totally convinced that he, himself was Jesus Christ. Kristian has been healed of his psychosis and off drugs and alcohol for 5 years. Kristian has a full time job and is a supervisor in one of the five Transformation homes.

Daniel - Daniel was a 27yr old Drug addict and alcoholic that had reached a rock bottom and came through our doors absolutely broken. Just 4 years later and Dan lives with his wife and new born baby in Mackay where Dan works as an Air Conditioning Technician. These days Dan gets too much fulfillment by being a husband and dad to think about drugs.

Lucas - His life was centred around the obtaining, using and means to get more drugs. At 23years of age Lucas decided that there must be more to life than this. Through Transformation Ministries he has now been off drugs and alcohol for 4 years. Lucas is now married and serving in full time ministry.

Jacob - He was a 17 year old Drug addict who could not face life without using marijuana each day. Jacob has been healed from anxiety, paranoia and depression. He is now off drugs and alcohol and employed full time.

Russell - Russell was a young man that self medicated with alcohol and marijuana to escape his depression and anxiety. With a learning disability, he went through life being ridiculed and teased. Now, after finding love and acceptance in Transformation Ministries Russell has had no need for drugs and alcohol and has been set free. Russell has been living the free life for about 3 years now.

Darren - He was a 28 year old Alcoholic who had been drinking from the age of 16. He has now been set free from his alcoholism and has a full time job as well as doing volunteer work in the audio visual department of the Church.

Kent - Kent's story is an unusual one as he was a drug addict that used to have such a huge dependency on marijuana that he sold heroin to support his habit. Kent has now been clean and sober for a period of 4 years and has a lovely wife and full time job, working in the I.T. industry.

Alex - He was a 22 year old drug addict that had a habit that cost him his job, his family and his dignity. Alex came to the Gold Coast from Sydney to change his life and got much more than he bargained for. Alex now works a full time job as a chef and serves in youth ministry, giving back to the next generation. He has been off drugs and alcohol for three years and is also happily married.

Deanne - She had been a heroin addict for about seven years and had been taking drugs since she was 14 years old. After a lifestyle of abuse and torment Deanne found her home within Transformation Ministries where she discovered unconditional love. Deanne has now been clean and sober for two years and volunteers at the Church in the children's ministry.

Andrew - Andrew was a 28 year old heroin addict. He had been in and out of detoxes and rehabs for years trying to kick his addiction. Since he has been through the Transformations programme Andrew hasn't looked back. He has now been clean and serene for 4 years and works part time for another community support group whilst supervising one of our Transformation houses.

Mark - Mark was a 21 year old Drug addict that tried to kick his habit numerous times in his own strength and failed. Since going through the Transformations programme Mark has not only given up drugs but he is now in charge of a food relief programme and has a full time job.

Bennett - Bennett was a 30 year old drug addict with a habit that led him to a place of absolute despair. Bennett has been drug free for 11 years and is now married and working in the Drug and Alcohol feild.

Linda - She was a 19 year old drug addict who had been taking drugs from the age of 14. She now has been drug free for 6 years and is doing her Bachelor of Medicine to become a doctor. She was recently nominated for the "Pride of Australia Award".

Emily- Coming from a life of dysfunctional relationships and drug abuse which lead to her feeling very confused and broken, Emily has had a dramatic Transformation. She is now working at Transformations in administration and also operates her own Beauty Salon in partnership with Transformations Enterprises and is really enjoying life.

Shelley- Shelley was a 37 year old Amphetamine addict with severe Psychosis. Shelley had been using drugs from the age of 16 and has now been living drug free and has her daughter back in her custody for two years now.

Keith- Keith was a chronic, poly drug user and addict for approximately 30 years. His life was structured around crime, which was the only  lifestyle that could support the amount of drugs he consumed every day. He spent most of his younger years in maximum security facilities as a result. Transformations taught Keith to have self- respect, to love and forgive himself and others. Keith is now a qualified Chef and enjoying his new lease on life.

Kim- Kim had a heroin addiction for 30 years and was involved in drug dealing, prostitution and crime. Kim is now living a life full of meaning and purpose, and is using her life to help others as a Program Coordinator, giving them the encouragement, hope and love that was given to her.

Richard: Richard was a 15year old runaway that slept on the streets and in squats on the Gold Coast. Already an alcoholic and speed addict, Richard stole and scammed to get through. Richard completed the programme in 2008 and has since been clean and serving in the Australian military.

These are just a few of the amazing success stories that Transformations has to it's name and we continually thank God for lives that are TRANSFORMED!