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Transformations Campuses



Transformations Program Australia: This is our founding campus located at Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia. Operating under the auspice of Transformations Program Australia, this campus operates a total of 18 beds for males and 10 beds for females.

Office: +617 55 923 677

Fax: +617 55 925 833




Bayside Transformations: This campus is located at Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia, in partnership with Bayside Christian Church, and has a total of 20 beds for males and 5 beds for females.

Office: +617 41 946 621

Fax: +617 41 946 676



Hope Centre Transformations Logan: Operating under the auspice of Hope Centre Services in Logan, Queensland, Australia, Hope Centre Transformations offers 12 beds for males.

Office: +617 34 126 400

Fax: +617 34 126 440




Connect Transformations Bendigo: Located in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, Connect Transformations operates in partnership with Connect Church Bendigo. This is our first Inter-State Campus and has a total of 9 beds available for Males and 6 beds for females.

Office: (03) 5441 3133

Fax: (03) 5441 3376


Destiny Transformations: Officially opened on 13th February 2015, this campus is located in Hoppers Crossing, Victoria, in Partnership with Destiny Centre Christian Church. Destiny Transformations has 12 Beds available for men.

Office: (03) 9369 6873





Velocity Transformations: Recently opened in Hobart Tasmania, this campus is operating in partnership with Pathways Tasmania and Velocity Christian Church. Velocity Transformations currently has 10 Beds available for men.

Office: (03) 6228 7333